Zeebers welcome you…
7,777 of the most ambitious PFP’s on the blockchain!
Since the beginning of time, like at least ever since Noah’s ark, we’ve seen Zeebers. It’s lit. 🦓 And now we have them chilling with us in this PFP collection stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Pretty cool if you ask me. 😊

Zeebers features 140+ original traits by renowned 11yr old child artist – Jett Joyner – creator of Wolf Boy comics and Wolf Boy NFT (at the time he was the world’s YOUNGEST NFT artist!), and his Dad – Brad Joyner.

More info on the artist of Zeebers and Wolf Boy NFT 👇
Zeebers Twitter
Wolf Boy NFT Official Website
Wolf Boy NFT on OpenSea

What are Zeebers?

7,777 ERC721 tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain created by one of the world’s youngest NFT artists and his father.

When is the mint date?

Public Mint – October 20th 9:00am EST

How much will mint cost?

The Zeebers mint will be free for all. Just pay gas.

How many Zeebers will I be able to mint?

7 per wallet.

How many different traits and types of Zeebers will there be?

The 7,777 Zeebers consist of 10 different types.

4 Original Zeeber types
2 Special Zeeber types
2 Ultra-Rare Zeeber types
2 Legendary Zeeber types

Zeebers are composed of 140+ original traits all hand-drawn by 11 year old artist Jett and his father, Brad.

Will there be any 1/1s?

Yes. There are 7 1/1s all made by different artists.

How will the collection be allocated?

The 7,777 Zeebers will be allocated as follows –

– 200 tokens to be retained for the founders and artist.
– 300 tokens to be stored in the Zeebers Vault and will be used in giveaways and promotions, and as payments to team members and 1/1 artists.

Can you guarantee any kind of monetary gain from minting or owning Zeebers?

Absolutely not. Suck it, Gary.